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40 years ago, a small group of concerned citizens gathered over coffee to discuss the state of the Port Washington community. By the end of their meeting, they decided to organize into an environmental action group.

For the next 15 years, with no office space or staff and very little money, they met monthly in each other’s homes. But, this was not about talking through problems. It was about taking affirmative steps to understand and resolve them through community-wide preservation projects and educational initiatives. Download our Rooted in Branching out Timeline, Environmental Health Timeline, Educational Initiatives.

Year after year, the organization grew. Residents members are individuals, families and businesses dedicated to helping us realize our mission of environmental stewardship.

In 2008, we celebrated our 40th anniversary with a Gala event showcasing green living and local green resources. We looked back proudly on our many achievements and celebrated the people and community that made them possible. We also looked to Residents Future Timeline as we continue to improve and strengthen our educational programs, smart growth initiatives, advocacy campaigns and beautification efforts in and around Port Washington.

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