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Since its inception, Residents has closely monitored an array of environmental issues and health hazards – both real and potential – facing our community. In our role as watchdog and advocate, we evaluate the environmental impact of local projects, interact with government agencies, obtain pertinent information and disseminate news to the public.  Our program initiatives include:

  • Successfully fighting the opening of a Hempstead Harbor mass-burn solid waste incinerator.
  • Assisting in the safe reopening of South Salem Elementary School.
  • Advocating for the remediation of various hazardous community sites.
  • Formation and management of Peninsula Aquifer Committee, working with local government agencies to protect our ground water.

February 25, 2015 News Update

To protect the health of Port Washington’s citizenry, Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington requests the EPA completely outlaw the use of pentachlorophenol (penta) to preserve utility poles, and mandate that utility poles already treated with penta are appropriately wrapped and feature warning signs to mitigate human exposure. Click here to view RFMBPW’s letter to the EPA.

To protect Long Island’s sole source aquifer Residents for a More Beautiful Port Washington issues a letter to the DEC requesting every precaution be taken to assure the contamination of the Magothy Aquifer at the Middleville Road well field in East Northport not be allowed to migrate into the Lloyd through Test Well S-114648T.  Click here to view the letter.


December 2014 News Update

Dear Port Washington Community;

This is a news alert about a New York City project that could impact the quantity and quality of Port Washington’s Drinking Water. 

New York City has plans to pump 33 Million Gallons of water per day on the border of Nassau County while they repair the Round-Out-West Branch Tunnel (RWBT) of the Delaware Aqueduct.

This initiative could have unintended consequences on Nassau County’s drinking water, including:
- Reducing Long Island’s groundwater table
- Redirecting flow towards Queens that could result in drawing contaminated water to Nassau County supply wells
- Inducing saltwater to move inland and contaminate Nassau County public supply wells

As stakeholders of Long Island’s aquifer, Residents For A More Beautiful Port Washington has convened the Port Washington and Great Neck Peninsula Aquifer Committee to get answers. 

Highlights of our committee’s work:

Getting the facts.  Developed a proposal with USGS to model conditions if Queens wells are turned on. Click here to view USGS proposal.

Requesting proper study.  Requested NYC implement groundwater modeling to evaluate the impact of turning on these wells

Letting our voice be heard. Submitted comment letter to the NYC Department of Environmental Protection requesting further study and exploration of alternatives. Click here to view Residents For A More Beautiful PW Comment Letter

Combining resources.  Convened elected officials, municipal water districts, civic organizations, United States Geological Survey, The U.S Environmental Protection Agency and the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation to collaborate to ensure proper protections of Nassau County’s drinking water. 

Since 1968 Residents For A More Beautiful Port Washington has worked tirelessly to protect Port Washington’s environment.  Stay tuned for updates on this important issue. 

Thank you,

The Board of Directors and Staff
Residents For A More Beautiful Port Washington