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Residents is a strong advocate of the invaluable importance of outdoor exploration for children and adults alike. A connection with nature not only leads to exciting and engaging hands-on educational experiences, but also sparks creativity and a healthy interest in the world around us. We learn of the importance of the natural world by interacting with it on a personal level. Here you will find information about ways to spend family time outdoors, how to imbue your child with a love of the outdoors, and why such an exposure to nature is important.

Fun Outdoor Ideas For The Family

  • Find a park near you.
  • Explore an Outdoor Classroom on Long Island to help your child form a connection with nature.
  • Fun outdoor activities
  • Big Learning is another great resource for fun ways to educate your child about the natural world.

The Importance Of Outdoor Exploration

Dr. Howard Gardner, a neuroscience professor from Harvard Univeristy, cites “naturalist intelligence” as one of eight distinct types of intelligence. Find a summary of his theory here. Gardner argues that in order for a child to fully reach his/her potential, he/she must be exposed to a wide range of educational experiences encompassing all areas of intelligence…outdoor exploration is an integral part of your child exploring his/her potential.

The importance of protecting the natural world is a value essential to every generation that will inherit the wellbeing of our planet. In his book Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder, Richard Louv argues that the a close connection between children and their environment is essential for the flourishing of both